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Online Platform for Climate Project Development ENVELOPS

is developing the world-first online platform for climate-project development, so-called “My Power Plant (MPP)”.

 The platform provides low-cost, yet concrete development progress insight and feasibility analysis of

a climate project with ENVELOPS’ patented machine learning,
AI-based project output prediction system.



My power plant (Online Platform for Climate Change Mitigation or Adaptation Projects)

Coming Soon

Innovative online platform providing a systematic yet transparent climate-related project development service integrating the total project development process including but not limited to project identification, preliminary and full feasibility studies, stakeholder mapping and negotiation, permit and license, financing, construction, operation, and impact monitoring and evaluation, and so on.

Agrivoltaic Simulator

AVS (Prediction modelling tool for the optimal agrivoltaic design)

Coming Soon

Providing optimized design for agrivoltaic system based on machine learning from location based climate and environmental big data maximizing the productivity of solar generation and agricultural crop.